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Travel agencies get themselves fit for the new Lufthansa Premium Economy with M.I.T learning program

Friedrichsdorf, June 19, 2015 At the International Tourism Exchange 2015 in Berlin, the new Lufthansa Premium Economy was a magnet for visitors. It is aimed at travelers who want more comfort on long-haul flights at an attractive price and is of interest for both private travelers and business travelers who are not allowed to fly business class, for example, due to their company’s travel policies.

In order to be able to book the approximately 3,600 Premium Economy Class seats on the entire Lufthansa long-haul fleet with more than 100 aircraft, the e-learning and mobile learning specialist M.I.T e-Solutions has successfully implemented the online training "Advising successfully with the Online Training for Lufthansa Premium Economy" on behalf of the Serviceplan One Agency. The learning and information program is aimed at employees in travel agencies. They learn all about the benefits of Premium Economy class, receive arguments for comprehensive advice and valuable tips for selling. The program is equally suitable for PCs, laptops and tablets. This ensures that the online training can be used as widely as possible in the heterogeneous hardware landscape of the travel agencies. The layout and the contents have, however, been designed specifically for use on tablets, so the program can be as mobile and flexible as possible in preparation for consultations.

The approximately 30 minute learning program is divided into three chapters. In the chapter “Product Expertise”, the travel agents learn everything about the features of the Premium Economy Class for example that the newly designed seats offer 50% more space and have a touch-screen monitor which is 3 inches larger than those in Lufthansa Economy Class. The tutorial is straightforward and graphically appealing. It motivates the travel experts even in their tightly scheduled workday and conveys with its clear structure the essential features and how to present its advantages. A self-test at the end of each chapter shows the consultants how fit they are for the sale of Lufthansa Premium Economy.   

M.I.T used its own authoring software WBTplus to realize the concept developed by Serviceplan One. With the assistance of WBTplus, the “Advising successfully” learning program can be published at the press of a button for a variety of devices and operating systems. In keeping with this single-source principle, the learning module on the Premium Economy Class has been published for Google Android and Apple iOS tablets, as well as for PCs and laptops using the Microsoft Windows operating system.