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Secure, flexible and just what is needed: Compliance-Training at PwC Germany with the Online-Course from M.I.T e-Solutions

Friedrichsdorf, September 21, 2015 E-learning and compliance specialist M.I.T has implemented a new version of the Compliance Learning Program for the German auditing company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Since 2011, all PwC employees have been sensitized and trained via e-learning on all of the relevant compliance requirements ranging from conflicts of interest to money laundering and privacy issues.

Since then, PwC has commissioned M.I.T on an annual basis with the technical development of this compliance training in order to incorporate current content, laws and guidelines. This year, the 240-minute online training has been redesigned conceptually. PwC employees can shorten the path to the successful completion of the course depending on their prior knowledge with a new, upstream assessment. This allows the personal compliance certificate to be acquired faster than before by the compliance-savvy, thus avoiding unnecessary course repetitions.

Through the assessment, the learning program provides several paths to the certificate: Those who answer 100% of all the exam questions correctly receive their certificates directly. Those who need assistance in answering the questions, have the choice between two options: Per question, assessment users can access an InfoCard where they will find a summary of important tutorial content for answering the question. If users would also like to acquire the necessary knowledge for answering the question using the interactive learning content, they can also access the chapter of the online training from the InfoCard which refers to the assessment question. A button takes you back at any time to the assessment. In this way, the learning program supports every learner in a flexible and targeted manner towards the acquisition of the compliance certificate. A classic linear processing of the whole learning program is also possible at any time.

The learning program, which is also available in a barrier-free version, also provides a variety of learning paths. Depending on their position and in which business field the PwC employees work, their learning path will be assigned specific topics and examples.

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